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Below are a selection of our routine prices.

If you cant find what you need our team are more than happy to provide you with an estimate of costs prior to any treatment taking place. Please email estimate requests to or phone us on 01775 723066.

If you have financial concerns please don’t be worried about discussing them with us. Our team are used to discussing difficult situations and we want to work with you to find the best possible treatment plan for each individual situation. There will usually be a range of treatment options available, and your vet will be able to discuss the best option for your pet.

Pet Health Club™

Our Pet Health Club™ allows you to spread the cost of your pet’s yearly healthcare costs into manageable monthly payments. You also benefit from great savings!

Please see the Pet Health Club Tab on our website for more information.


  Standard Price Pet Health Club
Initial Consultation £58.00 £58.00
Consultation Re-examination £52.00 £52.00
Repeat Prescription Check-up Consultation £52.00 £52.00
Written Prescription £27.00 £27.00


  Standard Price Pet Health Club
Puppy Vaccination Course (Lepto 4/Lepto 2 available on request £90.00 Included
Dog Booster Vaccination £60.00 Included
Intranasal Kennel Cough  £48.14 Included
Intranasal Kennel Cough with a vaccine £31.03 Included
Cat Vaccination Course (including FeLV) £90.00 Included
Cat Booster Vaccine (including FeLV) £60.00 Included


Our neutering prices include post operative pain relief and buster collars as standard.

  Standard Price Pet Health Club
Dog Castration <25kg £240.00 £192.00
Dog Castration >25kg £290.00 £216.00
Dog Castration >45kg £321.00 £273.92
Bitch Spay <25kg £315.00 £260.00
Bitch Spay >25kg £325.00 £300.00
Bitch Spay >45kg £439.40 £359.52
Cat Castration £80.00 £62.40
Cat Spay £115.00 £76.00
Rabbit Castration £120.00 £96.00
Rabbit Spay £144.44  


Prices correct as of April 2024. Prices are subject to change at any time without notice.