Out of Hours

Information for out of hours emergencies

We know your pet can become ill or suffer accidents at any time. To make sure you have access to high quality care at night, weekends and bank holidays, we have chosen to partner with Sutterton Veterinary Hospital and Vets Now, the leading provider of Out of Hours care. You can call them on: 01205 345345 and  01733 512192

The team are always there when we are closed, so you can rest assured that you and your pet will have a vet and nurse on hand, whether it's four in the morning or half-way through Christmas. Their fully qualified staff will provide free advice over the phone and advise whether you need to take your pet into their clinic for immediate treatment. Please don't hesitate to call them if you're at all concerned.

By using Sutterton Veterinary Hospital and Vets Now to cover our Out of Hours Emergencies it enables our vets and nurse to get a good night's rest at nights and weekends so we can continue providing the high quality care during the day that we pride ourselves on.

Sutterton Veterinary Hospital and Vets Now take over from us when we close in the evenings and after we close on weekends - view our opening hours here. It is always best to call us first as we will either be there to answer your call, or will have an answer machine message with out of hours details for you. Sutterton Veterinary Hospital and Vets Now can give you advice over the phone and arrange immediate appointments to see them if it is required.

Please be aware that because of the nature of Out of Hours emergencies, a night-time or weekend appointment will be more expensive than seeing a vet during usual hours. Vets Now will discuss this with you at the time of appointment and before commencing any treatment. Please consider pet insurance to give you peace of mind that your pet will be able to receive the best possible care 24 hours a day.

Clinic Address:

Sutterton Veterinary Hospital
Station Road
PE20 2LF

Phone 01205 345345

Vets Now Peterborough
C/O Pengelly & Mizen
89-93 Park Road

Phone 01733 512192